So, I haven’t been writing much…

I haven’t it’s true, and I feel in many ways like I am only doing a great disservice to myself in this. Which is definitely, definitely true.

But it’s a new year, with new creative writing classes ahead (hopefully some of them masters’ classes). I am not ready to give up the workshop yet, or the lovely wonderful writers I meet there.

Because I need writing – certainly more than it needs me – and to get myself started on this third day of 2014, here’s some of what I hope for this year to bring:

1. More good poetry from others and from me.
2. Less television.
3. A completely kick-ass issue of our art & lit magazine.
4. A spring break in London with my dear, lovely, wonderful and brave man, his family and friends, and then a quick return back to that place and that man I love.
5. Graduation from this thing called undergrad.
6. The Fulbright to Galway. Acceptance to Galway. Studying writing and Ireland in Galway.
7. My parents living in the same place again.
8. The happiness of friends.

With my love, dear friends, on this anniversary of my first day in London and in all that 2014 brings.


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