New and lovely music…

Hi friends!

What are you doing today? Tonight? Up at 3 AM the night before classes begin just because you feel like it?  If you are, in fact, at some level of un-diagnosed insomnia…or if you’re just bored, in search of new music, et cetera amen…well then!

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite people, the talented Ron Pope! I’m particularly stoked about him because his 11th studio album, Calling Off the Dogs, dropped today/yesterday on iTunes (and apparently at some physical stores NOT near me). And most of it’s on YouTube in lyric video form which, in my opinion, is lovely and wonderful.***

Ron’s made music ranging from the chillest melancholy piano and vocals (“A Drop in the Ocean,” anyone?) to the rocking out alternative sound of “Lick My Wounds,” with some blues and folk and a teensy bit of occasional country twang in his indie sound. And it’s all great, really it is.

So I wanted to share, because he creates music that is unabashedly good and beautiful and sincere, and I think the world needs more recognition of talented singer/songwriters like him.

Give it a go!

***At least until I can find a tangible copy of this CD somewhere, because I’m secretly an old lady who knits and listens to real CDs and then uploads them to her iTunes account because she just needs those circular discs that prove that money didn’t vanish into a strange hole in the internets.


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