So, Like Crazy

I watched this movie tonight, Like Crazy. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s a beautiful, sort of indie-shot, hazy film with good music and a really real relationship situation. So I watched it, because I’ve been feeling like I ought to, because the last time I saw it I bawled at the gut-wrenching depressive-ness of it, and because I’ve been feeling the need for a good long cry.

[Sidenote: According to a short-lived character on a show I love, “Sad is happy for deep people.” Also, according to Sally Carrol Happer, Fitzerald character and beautiful Southern belle, us Southerners have this sort of penchant for sadness?]

Anyway, so apparently I watch it now and I’m loving it, and I’m thinking as I watch this thing, you know, this isn’t really that sad. It’s depressing as hell at times, but it’s also so beautiful and human. And if the camera shut off about ten seconds early, I’d say it’s actually a really positive, not-so-depressing film. As it is, the last shot of Anton’s face with the water from the shower running down, it’s still pretty gut-wrenching. But I don’t really find it as sad as I did before. And that says something, I think.

Just trying to figure out what.


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