News from the South, snowed in edition…

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been writing lately, it’s because I apparently need a normal schedule in order to structure my time and to-do list into any semblance of order. Also, the following things are going on:

-Snopocalypse. There are seriously at least 6 inches of snow outside my door. We made snow cream last night, which was delicious. We sledded down the hill behind our apartment building using a giant cookie sheet (Ok, I didn’t because right now I have a bum ankle, but the roommates did.). And we’ve just overall been acting like children in the snow, which is practically what we are.

-Literary journal submissions. I’ve been submitting the things I have already to people. Also, the journal I edit for is in the process of seriously weeding our poetry submissions, so I have a lot of other people’s work to read/write on.

-There’s already a poem rolling around in my head, I just can’t seem to get it on paper right. Working on it.

-Yesterday, I found out I got into a grad school in the states, which is wonderful not only because it’s fully-funded, but also because it’s a great program filled with writers I love. One of whom emailed me personally, which caused me to fall out of my chair (futon) and do a happy dance. Which is exactly when it started snowing. AKA- snopocalypse is my fault.

So that’s my life now. More poetry to come!



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