So, June happened…

Please excuse me (which I say as much for my subconscious as for you, whomever or whoever hasn’t stopped reading).

This seems to be the summer of I keep not writing, which is both okay and not okay. What am I thinking? I need to write more! But then the whole MFA thing, writing all the time thing, starts in just a few weeks…and so it is inside my head.

Part of me wants to stay up and write all night. Part of me would.

But I’m juggling three part-time jobs and some contract writing and I’m a little spread thin, so to speak. I’m about to hit a new work record…39 hours in 4 days, and I need to be up at 6 AM tomorrow, so I’ll be crashing instead.

Until next time (soonish)…


One thought on “So, June happened…

  1. Liz, how wonderful! I get to leave a comment when no one’s around. Why am I here so late? Had to pay a bill before sleep. Like you, little time to write as much as I had planned when I started my blog; less time to read blogs, etc. Anyway, as I’m catching up on reading, just to say, you and blog are appreciated. Sleep well. Still only 24 hr in a day….

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