Thoughts on Grad School…

 I’ve been fairly contemplative, a bit meta, over this whole crazy thing that IS grad school – specifically, English graduate school. Everyone says graduate school is terrible, but you love it, but you hate it, and you have no free time because classes and research suck your life. But – and maybe this is just me – it really doesn’t seem that bad. So here are my thoughts, on what this is like. For me, at least. 

  • Thank you Elon or, rather, Elon’s English department. Literature Senior Seminar was officially harder than my graduate level literature class, and I feel prepared and a little judgmental. But definitely prepared. Pro- this makes it much easier for me to concentrate on my workshop classes now, rather than worrying over cranking out a lit paper.
  • Actually, just in general, thanks Elon. I feel so prepared for juggling life, and for writing, and I don’t feel as overwhelmed as it seems I am supposed to be.
  • Boys open doors! At least, here, which is perhaps more location- rather than higher-educated-based. But it’s still nice! You know you’re in the South with a capital S when the guy with a brace on his knee holds the door for you, or when someone sees you from the other side of glass double doors, and opens both because he “didn’t know which one you were going through.” Thank you, Southern mamas & daddies everywhere. And thank you Southern men. 
  • I have an inordinate amount of time on my hands, and it is lovely. I keep thinking about picking up another job because I want to, as a way to fill my time. This makes a job infinitely more enjoyable, because I’m choosing to do it to keep busy rather than doing it because of utter financial stress. 
  • There is something so nice about being in my own apartment, cleaning my own mess (which is just mine), and even straightening at the end of the day. Or, since it’s my own apartment, throwing all that to the wind and having a delicious bubble bath while reading poetry and listening to Passenger (which is exactly what I did last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it).

So there it is. That’s all I have for now, and I’m sure my list will grow. It’s just what I’ve been thinking lately, finding that I’m starting not to mind so much the things I thought I would. Finding that it’s pretty nice here, actually (although the humidity could turn it down a notch or two). But it’s not so bad. And I’m doing it pretty much 98% by myself, independent and, on the optimistic days, that is just about perfect.


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