Hey World (and a new poem!)

It’s been a while! Suffice it say that the MFA is going well; life is, well, life (with all its ups and downs); and I am getting very good at knitting.

After months of waiting, I’m super thrilled to say that my poem “Burning Pine” is up at Deep South Magazine, which you can read in the link if you’re so inclined.

In other poetic good news, “Eight-Ball” was selected for inclusion in plain china, which is an annual anthology compiled of selections from undergraduate literary journals across the country (big deal). Some of my Colonnades colleagues/writer-friends were also chosen, so we’re a happy bunch with that.

Went to a fantastic multi-genre workshop this past fall on turning emotional landmines into literature, which generated a ton of new material for me. And I’m learning about teaching creative writing, as I’ll be an instructor in a few short months.

AWP is coming up in Minneapolis this April. So excited for that!

And that’s the news on the creative front.