Hospitality and Judgment (draft 4?)

Women talk in hushed tones near each others’ ears. She’s sweet
as pie, but she don’t have the sense God gave a June bug! I add
one more cup of sugar to sun-brewed sweet tea, stirring with a wooden spoon
while the mothers in the kitchen discuss the impropriety –
the neighbor’s daughter dating a boy
the color of dried tobacco leaves. Bless her heart. Continue reading

Rain Makes Corn…

It does, actually. While the rest of the vegetable and fruit crops have been more than a little hurt by the abnormal North Carolina weather, we’re about to have a veritable shower of corn. I think it was the only thing that wasn’t bothered by the FEET of flooding all over my home county today. Continue reading

Snarky Rant on Life

At the risk of sounding incredibly, insanely snarky: there seem to be an over-abundance of kids having kids and/or getting hitched in my town. People younger than me. People I remember as freshmen in high-school. People who have legally been driving a vehicle for less than five years. YOUNG people. Continue reading


Smoking (NF, draft 1)

Well, I suppose I’ve liked the way smoke smelled ever since I met Ian for dinner at Dos Amigos and he was standing outside, casual, with his hands in the pockets of the black hooded jacket I had given him for his twenty-first birthday. I’d seen him smoke before – I’d often stood on the porch with him, talking about nothing or the girl that he was fucking – but I think that night outside of Dos was the first time I realized that I liked the way it smelled. Continue reading