Liz Purvis is an MFA candidate in Poetry at NC State and the Poetry Editor for The Fem Literary Magazine, an inclusive and intersectional magazine. Her work has appeared in Cahoodaloodaling, The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, Deep South Magazine, Damselfly Press, Colonnades, and others. She has work forthcoming in Zeit|Haus and plain china. Liz considers herself a native of the South at large, if it’ll have her, and is fond of hiking, Gaelic trad, and inordinate amount of July watermelon.

p.s. And on a much more technical note, if I don’t write the author in under a post, then it’s my original work (a.k.a. it’s copyrighted or what-have-you). So don’t steal it, as that would make me very sad. And then I’d have to hunt you down and berate you strongly.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. So true. We always have choices. They don’t stop. I’m closer to 100 than 30 and the choices keep coming. Speaking for me, not you of course, I know I’ve made my share of poor choices. You have got it right – you write about choices – because life is about having the courage to make good choices against all odds. Don’t stop making choices. Our choices define who we are and who we become, when we choose on the basis of what we believe. It is who we are. Enjoying your site. Good choice.

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